Thursday, July 23, 2009

Next: Native Hawaiian Views on Renewable Energy

There is no single Native Hawaiian perspective on renewable energy development in Hawaii, of course, and there are probably as many views as there are members of the group. A much smaller sampling proved that point when a panel of several Native Hawaiians addressed this very issue in one of the Sakamaki Extraordinary Lecture Series events last month.

Davianna McGregor, one of our guests on Monday’s Energy Futures, represented the view of the Pele Defense Fund's membership that geothermal energy is not a renewable resource for reasons we anticipate she’ll cover on Monday’s program. Ramsay Taum, our second guest, moderated the Sakamaki panel discussion and had a somewhat different perspective.

Both are well-known and highly respected members of both the Native Hawaiian and larger communities, and the discussion is likely to be thought-provoking -- especially for those who endorse aggressive development of Hawaii’s renewable energy resources.

The show will be “live” on KIPO-FM (89.3 in Hawaii) and also streamed on the Internet at 5 pm HST (11 pm EDT).

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