Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Woulda Thot “How to Trash CFLs” Wld B Hot?

HECO's Robbie Alm, todays' guest on "Energy Futures."
When words fail us for the headline, we’re reduced to abbreviations and slang to get by -- like today. Yes, it’s true: More calls about CFL disposal came in today on Hawaii Public Radio’s “Energy Futures” show than any other topic. Ah, well…..

When he wasn’t answering questions about CFLs, Hawaiian Electric Company Executive Vice President took on the major energy issues facing his company; the show is archived at HPR's website. He even volunteered additional information in the hallway after the show about how to get rid of CFL bulbs; we’ll share it on next week’s program. If you want to hear what Alm said on substantive issues beyond the CFL topic, check in with HPR’s archives page – once the show is posted there.

Looking ahead, the July 20th show will feature Dr. Denise Konan and her description of the Hawaii economy carbon footprint profile – how to reduce it AND save power costs in the long run. The show will be “live” on KIPO-FM (89.3 in Hawaii) and also streamed on the Internet at 5 pm HST (11 pm EDT).

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