Monday, July 20, 2009

Knowing Where To Start in Cutting GHG Emissions

University of Hawaii economics professor Dr. Denise Konan
Dr. Denise Konan was the Energy Futures guest today and gave a preview of her Wednesday evening presentation at the University. A point made during today’s show was how truly tiny the renewable energy contribution is compared to to the totality of the state’s energy use. (This and other public affairs programs on Hawaii Public Radio are archived at HPR's website.)

The demand for aviation fuel – and the resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transporting tourists to, from and between the Hawaiian Islands, as well as resident air travel – is off the charts. A revolution in energy use must occur to achieve Hawaii’s target of reducing GHG pollution to 1990 levels by the year 2020.

Dr. Konan lecture is part of the Sakamaki Extraordinary Lecture Series, sponsored by the University of Hawaii’s Outreach College.

Next week’s Energy Futures show will examine Native Hawaiian Perspectives on Renewable Energy and is an outgrowth of another Sakamaki event – a panel discussion with the same title last month. Our sister blog – Hawaii Energy Options – has a post that sets the stage for next Monday’s show on Hawaii Public Radio.

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