Saturday, July 4, 2009

Launching 'Energy Futures' -- a Weekly Radio Show On the One Issue that Affects Hawaii Most of All

It's July 4th, 2009 -- and some have declared it "Energy Independence Day for Hawaii." We're starting this blog to complement the energy-focused radio program that will launch in two days on Hawaii Public Radio. We'll use this site to promote upcoming shows, post photographs of our guests and highlights of the most recent show, as well as provide a link to the MP3 files of our archived shows.

The one-hour Energy Futures show will air Mondays at 5 pm HST (11 pm EDT, 8 pm PDT) on KIPO-FM (89.3) and will be streamed “live” on the Internet at HPR's website. If you care about energy issues in Hawaii and the state’s potential to reduce its dependence on imported fuel perhaps faster than any other in the Union, we invite you to become a regular listener no matter where you live. And don't stop there; call in to the program with your questions for our guests and comments on their contributions.

Show #1 is on July 6th, but the program's longevity will depend on what we at Hawaii Public Radio and you, our listeners, put into it. Be a part of helping decide Hawaii's energy future from among all the possibilities.

Aloha, Doug Carlson

(You're invited to become a follower of our companion Twitter site: @OurEnergyFuture.)

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