Sunday, July 12, 2009

HECO Exec To Take Calls on 7/13 ‘Energy Futures’

Above the fold on page one is rarely where newspapers carry “good news” about a person or company. Today’s Honolulu Advertiser followed the pattern by giving not-so-good coverage to Hawaiian Electric Company and thereby may have spoiled breakfast for company executives.

The story covers delays in HECO’s payments to solar water heating installers to compensate them for the $1,000 rebates they paid customers as incentives to sign up for their services. The issue seems to have been resolved and won’t be a major topic on this week’s Energy Futures show on Hawaii Public Radio, Monday 7/13 at 5 pm HST on KIPO-FM (89.3) and streamed “live” on the Internet.

We’ll give our guest, HECO Executive Vice President Robbie Alm (pictured above), a shot at the top of the program to have his say. We’ll also want to ask him about the cap-and-trade approach to curbing carbon dioxide emissions and what it would mean to Hawaii’s electricity customers, as well as any number of other issues and topics.

Listeners can ask Alm questions by dialing 941-3689 from Oahu and 1-877-941-3689 from the neighbor island between 5 and 6 pm tomorrow.

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