Monday, September 7, 2009

State Energy Chief In Return Visit on Summit, Etc.

Ted Peck assumes his familiar spot in HPR's studio today.
Hawaii Energy Administrator Ted Peck stepped in at the last minute (literally) as today’s guest on Energy Futures in place of Renewable Energy Facilitator Josh Strickler, whose excuse was the birth of his daughter. Congratulations to the Strickler family, and our thanks to Peck for being on the show – the first repeat visitor in our two-month run so far.

The announced topic was last week’s Asia-Pacific Clean Energy Summit in Honolulu, but we covered several ranging from Hawaii’s remarkable decrease in gasoline use in June ’09 compared to a year earlier (down 36.3 percent!) to ocean thermal energy conversion, the planned inter-island cable to transmit wind power from Lanai and Molokai to Oahu, as well as others.

As usual, the program will be archived at Hawaii Public Radio’s website sometime on Tuesday.

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