Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Listeners Stay Silent as Kauai Issues Are Aired

It’s a first – the absence of calls to Energy Futures on Monday’s program. True, Hawaii Public Radio has no repeater station on the island, and KIPO’s signal doesn’t exactly boom into Kauai. Maybe we need to clue in public radio supporters there to the “streaming audio” potential. What they may have missed on Monday is available now in HPR's website's archives section.

Guests Randy Hee, president of the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, and economist Ken Stokes of The Kauaian Institute kept the discussion going on energy alternatives on Kauai as they and others work to reduce the island’s dependence on imported oil.

Alan Kennett, president of Gay & Robinson, also joined the program by telephone to discuss the sugar company’s intention to shut down cane production at the end of this fall’s harvest.

Up next on Energy Futures: Darren Kimura, president and chief executive officer of Sopogy Inc., will be on the October 5th show to discuss concentrated solar energy and its potential to create heat, solar air conditioning and electrical power.

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  1. Stay silent? That's 'cuz we didn't even know it was airing. Not too many people on Kaua'i listen to Oahu radio stations. I'd have gladly called in and questioned the many misstatements had I known it was on the air and been listening. Thanks for the effort, though, on your part. Ken's points were pretty good too. People here on Kaua'i pretty much just listen to KONG and KKCR, no reason to listen to anything else.