Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mark Duda’s Solar Q&A Segment Deemed a Success; Electric Vehicles To Be Spotlighted in Next Show

Drs. Sharon Miyashiro and Mike Hamnett (in HPR-logo T-shirt)
Listening to what our audience wants to talk about over the past six months led us to schedule a question-and-answer segment devoted to solar energy in Monday’s Energy Futures program. The experiment worked, and Mark Duda, president of the Hawaii Solar Energy Association, joined the show in the third and final segment to answer several calls from listeners about solar installation and financing.

Solar is the hot topic in Hawaii energy circles as individual consumers seek ways to save on their electric bills and reduce fossil fuel use, so we’re bringing Mark back in next Monday’s show and will keep doing so in the 5:40-6 pm (HST) segment until we seem to have exhausted our listeners’ questions – or Mark.

The majority of the program was devoted to the package of legislative proposals currently being coordinated among the 47 members of the Hawai Energy Policy Forum. Co-chairs Dr. Sharon Miyashiro and Dr. Mike Hamnett discussed in general terms (because all 47 haven’t signed off yet) the Forum's initiatives in energy leadership, energy conservation and renewable energy. The program is archived at Hawaii Public Radio’s website.

January 25th -- Electric Vehicles

Next Monday’s program will focus on all-electric vehicles and how soon we may see advances in rolling them out in Hawaii. Our guests will be Brian Goldstein of Better Place, which in 2008 announced its intention to invest $1 billion in building an electric car network in Hawaii, and Mark Piscioneri, Oahu Manager of Maui-based Hawaii Electric Vehicles. HIEV will have unveiled Honolulu’s first electric vehicle charging station in Kakaako on Saturday, January 23.

Energy Futures is broadcast “live” on Mondays 5-6 pm HST on KIPO-FM (89.3 in Hawaii) and is streamed on the Internet. An archive file of each week’s show is usually posted sometime on Tuesday at HPR's site.


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